Your thoughts on renaming the ILOILO AIRPORT

Last week, a proposal came from the Mayor of Cabatuan to change the official name of the Iloilo Airport into Confesor Airport. Though one of those who turned down the idea was Iloilo Gov. Defensor, many Ilonggos are still expressing their opposition on the proposal. For me, it’s better to keep it that way or we’ll just add “International” since we can already consider it after the successful launching of flights several times a week to and from Hong Kong and Singapore that started last November 2012. Built in 2007, it is now considered as one of the most modern and beautiful airports in the Philippines. 
NAME RECALL really matters as it is our gateway to the world. Soon Iloilo City will be gearing up for some international conferences and other events, so as we showcase Iloilo City and Province, it is just necessary that we’ll have our airport named after the place. 
Whether they will propose Confesor, Lopez-Jaena, Delgado, etc. or even Queen Siopao (Cafe Ilonggo chokes chokes laughing) International Airport, I’ll always take stand for
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