Special Feature: the new Multiply Marketplace

TEN things that you should know about the new Multiply Marketplace:
  1. Multiply is now the Philippines’ largest online shopping community. (Alexa ranking nationwide: 12th)
  2. From a social network, it has now transformed into a social marketplace where anyone can sell.
  3. Trusted Businesses and Trusted Sellers are the two kinds of merchants. 
  4. Merchants enjoy the lowered and simplified costs.
  5. Customers also get to enjoy worry-free transactions.
  6. With Multiply, you can SELL MORE and HIRE LESS. The Multiply e-Commerce platform automatically receives orders, monitors inventory, and accepts payments 24/7.
  7. MULTIPLE PAYMENT MODES -Credit card, Gcash, Smart Money, Paypal and even over-the-counter at BPI & BDO.
  8. SELL today, collect tomorrow- Multiply consolidates all your sales from the various payment gateways and automatically disburses to your bank account the very next business day.
So if you want to ensure a seamless and painless transition into the world of e-commerce, partner with the largest online shopping community in the Philippines. Partner with Multiply.

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