Some thoughts lately

@ Wildflour Cafe & Bakery, Rada st., Makati City

This is probably one of the more serious post that you’ll be getting from me. More than four months after moving here in Metro Manila to work and live more independently, sometimes I still can’t help but ask myself if I really did make the right decision. I’m from Iloilo City and my way of life here is way much different from how it was back home.

Being the center of almost everything in the country, many provincianos like me have aspired of living the dream and tried to make it big in here. Over the few months, I’ve meet a lot of my kasimanwas or fellow Ilonggos who have lived here much longer. Some of them are friends and a lot of them, taxi drivers. Being softspoken like a typical Ilonggo, it’s not really hard to notice one when the conversation starts.

I really wanted to see and feel how it is to live in Metro Manila. We all have friends I guess, who have decided to live and work here. I felt that I needed something to try that I’ve never done. That is to live independently and try a different way of life. I needed to change some ways in how I was living my life. I may have looked well and happy all the time but deep inside there was a struggle for change.

Though I really enjoyed the company of my family and friends and all the comforts I had, I wanted to see things from a different perspective. I thought of trying out working here to change some routines, learn more things and explore what Manila has to offer since I have enjoyed Iloilo as my “playground” all these years.

@ Golden Phoenix Hotel, Pasay City

It was an honor to have served my fellow Ilonggos while working for the city’s top executive. We have seen how Iloilo has transformed over the years and I believe that there’s something bigger for our community. I’d lie to you if I would say I that didn’t enjoy being one of the few bloggers of Iloilo as compared to everyone out here in Manila. What’s more important for me also is how I loved being a part of Iloilo Bloggers, over the years, I have grown as part of the organization and have learned many things. It has opened a lot of opportunities for me and a lot of my friends in the group in terms of being able to connect with the general public and everyone who have been very supportive of us. Over the years, we have built connections together with a lot of businesses and a lot of people trying to get their brands across the Ilonggo masses online.

I am mostly grateful to a lot of people who I’ve meet online and have become personal friends and to every person who have shown appreciation in what we do. It humbles to know that at times people approach you and they’re happy to tell you that they have seen what we have been posting online. Of course there will also be individuals who will criticize us for the choices we make, people we defend and for even a lot of crazy things. I have always been honest and vocal whenever I also have some things in mind over someone or something that I don’t feel right about. Even my facebook friends who are pretty amazing and supportive are always appreciated. I think that even being a millenial Ilonggo, it’s always very important to maintain that character of being an ideal Ilonggo in the eyes of everyone most especially that we are known to be more conservative in ways among many and a lot of our online audience who really get to interact are those more mature or who belong in our age bracket.

Belonging to some online groups such as Discover Panay Island and others have also paved the way for me to know more a lot of friends and helped me in having a broader perspective of things.

Whenever questions like “have I done the right thing?” would cross my mind, I always think about missing home, my family, friends and how life has been. But as they say, we must always move on and I’m a person who don’t really have a lot of regrets. I’ve felt that since the time I entered college and took up nursing which was not really my choice up to this moment when I didn’t pursue that career, I just have a lot of things to be thankful for. It feels like as if I’m living the dream and even though there have been of lot of challenges, I’m happy and grateful to have survived over the years. I may have given my family a lot of disappointments but I’m happy of the way things are right now and I thank them for being my “core” as Boy Abunda would say.

I believe that life even with trials and adversities will always be beautiful and worth living. I am always hopeful for a brighter tomorrow and will always look up to returning home bringing with me all the experiences and learning and create something wonderful. There are things that I want to start and it has always been on my mind recently. Maybe I’m still planning how to perfectly execute it but for sure, you will all be a part of it if you choose to. Laugh mode!