Sightseeing at Boracay Island’s Mt. Luho (Part 3)

After relaxing in our respective rooms and brunchin’ at Ferra Hotel Boracay, we were off to explore some attractions and activities at the island paradise. The hotel provided our transportation. Our first stop was at Mt. Luho. From the hotel, we passed by Bulabog Beach and made our way up to the northern part of the island.
The view on top of the island is simply breath-taking and magnificent but upon reaching the site, tourists must climb up towards the viewing deck. Several stalls are put up along the way for pictorial with a fee, of course. The higher you go, the more spectacular the view becomes.
The Province of Aklan can be seen from afar on top of the viewing deck. Boracay island is shaped-elongated and its back part or the Bulabog Beach can be best seen from above. If you want to get a glimpse of the White beach on the other side and other views, you may rent a chopper.
The newly-installed wind turbines in Nabas can also be seen from the island.
Megaworld is also building the Boracay New Coast as seen on the other side of the viewing deck.

I don’t usually like to hike but this view at Mt. Luho in Boracay Island is very much worth it. Though I was the last…
Posted by Antoine Greg on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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