Restored Eusebio Villanueva Building at Calle Real

calle real iloilo city
Eusebio Villanueva Building at Calle Real
The former Washington International Hotel at J.M. Basa st., Iloilo City has recently been restored thanks to the effort of the City Government, the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council and the private sector. It is one of the crowning jewel that stands within the original Queen’s City of the South. It is a clear manifestation that great things can be done once we look back into our past and treasure what we still have up to now. For sure, everyone who sees this building is very much impressed most especially at night.
Then & now:
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E Villanueva Calle Real Iloilo city
Taken just before the sunset when the sky was still blue and the lights were already on, this will still be my most preferred time of capturing photos whenever I can pass by the area with my new camera.
Even before the completion of the E. Villanueva building, other heritage building and other structure have been restored and will be restored in the following months. I just know for a fact that Iloilo City will never be the same this January for the upcoming Dinagyang Festival because tourists will not only see the colorful and vibrant tribes of the festivity but also these newly-restored heritage sites within the major streets of the city. This building is for sure the star of all the newly-restored buildings of Iloilo.  
In the coming years, we look forward to the restoration of more heritage buildings within the city most especially in the old Calle Real or now known as Iznart and J.M. Basa streets not only to beautify them but to preserve them. Kudos once again to everyone who took part and is still continuing to support these endeavors. For decades, it seems that doing these things were impossible and worthless but with the partnership of the Government and the Private sector, it has proven that more things can be achieved. I really just hope that these works will not end with this generation of politics and state wherein our country is really moving quite good into a more progressive one. It may seem difficult to bring back the old title and distinction to Iloilo as the Queen City of the South, but in one way or the other we can work hand in hand as we all move forward into the future without turning back from our past which is simply a treasure to us all- our culture and heritage.