Product Review: GT Papaya Lotion with SPF 40

I’m not used to posting cosmetic products on my blog, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention to my skin, how I look or my over-all wellness. Fact is, when I have time going around malling, I usually visit the Department store to check what products to use best for my hair, skin and even my weight management. 
No matter how busy we are with our daily lives, we must always take into consideration the wellness of our skin- our largest organ and the one that primarily covers and protects our body.
Thanks to GT Cosmetics in Cebu for sending me a pack of goodies with 3 types of soap and most importantly, their newest product- GT Papaya Lotion.  It has a 3-in-1 whitening formula that moistu      Product Review, GT Papaya Lotion
I love its fragrance and texture too. Not too strong and it’s very light to apply on skin. Male sure to put some ample amount on your palm, spread it and apply evenly most especially on dry on. It’s very easy to carry and never spills on the bag. Try it to see and feel the difference that this lotion can give. Though I really emphasize to have enough rest and drink enough water to keep our skin looking young. Thank you once again to GT Papaya lotion and PR Works.

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