Philippine Blog Awards-Visayas 2010 list of Finalists and Winners

As announced last November 27, 2010, 8pm at The Venue, The Avenue, Smallville Complex, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, here is the complete list of finalists and winners of the Philippine Blog Awards-Visayas 2010.

The Culture and Arts blog focuses on the different forms of art whether they be literary, visual, performance and musical art. The posts found in this blog could be a feature of a play; a post reporting on a cultural event, a review of a book or a critique of a play.
The Music Vlogger – make Song Requests at RabSing
Michael’s Shades Of Blue – WINNER
Everything Ubec
Panay Mud Pie

This award is awarded to a blog that focuses on the food and drink. The manner by which it is cooked, prepared or served. The history or chronicle of food and drink. A critique of how food is cooked and served. And even the personal experience of eating in a particular place or time. It could be scientific or literary as long as it is about Food & Beverage.
The Foodie’s Choice
Hungit Cebu
Flavours of Iloilo – WINNER

A lifestyle blog focuses on how to live and enjoy life at its best. It also covers how to improve one’s life and environment, shares news and events about lifestyle – alternative or mainstream, and highlights the best of what’s coming and what’s new.
Cebu Lifestyle, Cebu Fashion and Cebu Events Blogger – Fin Lust: The Cebu Luster
The Extraordinary Kiddo
Ilonggos Network – WINNER

A personal blog is defined as. a diary or a journal a record and treasure chest of one’s thoughts and ideas. It could be on any topic from the food eaten this morning to national issues. The important thing is that it is one’s personal take on the issue.
Jeff Caceres
The Rookie Blogger – WINNER
Wits and Spirits
Confessions of a Drama Queen
Mary Jane’s Niche
The Time Has Come
Tennis Guru
Pinoy Doble
Sweet Veloso
World With Rhecel
Brain Contour
Ari na! Aton Siya!
The Vignette
Jaysee Blabs

A photoblog is a blog composed of photos chronologically arranged or posted. It is not a gallery but a post maybe composed of more than one photograph scanned from film or taken with a digital camera – cellphone, point-and-shoot; and DSLR.
Gerry Ruiz Photoblog – WINNER
Her Name is Noelle

A travel blog is defines as a blog that focuses on the different aspects of traveling for an extend period of time from point A to B. It may be a narrative or even an advice post focused on a trip or destination.
The Wandering Couple
Travel Notes: Philippines
Ambot-ah – WINNER
Explore Iloilo

A niche blog that focuses on developments and news about Technology. But what is technology? In its most simple definition Technology refers to the tools and machines that are used to solve real-world problems. Such tools and machines need not be material in this sense it can be virtual. So a Technology Blog could be a blog about the Internet, software, mobile phones and television sets. Each are tools that are used to solve real-world problems.
Tech Source
Cebu Tech Blogger

The list and descriptions of the different categories courtesy of