Sunset Cruise in Pandan Beach, Antique

It’s my first time to visit Pandan town in Antique! It’s truly a relaxing getaway from the city. It may be a couple of hours away from Iloilo City by land but it’s really a great place to visit. Every summer,  the attraction to see here is the “Dasigay Bugsay” or paddle race. One of the main livelihood of the Antiquenos is fishing and they have mastered this craft of boating for a long time. What’s unique about this competition is that they have to race with each other on a small boat for a certain distance and whoever comes first wins. It’s really a battle of the strongest arms, determination and  bit of good luck. But before I show you the photos of the race, here are some of the resort’s amenities which makes it a noteworthy destination #wheninAntique.

After checking-in, we ate, visited a few places and had some rest as we prepared to try their SUNSET CRUISE.

I soaked my feet below as we watched the sun slowly going down.