Old Calle Real Heritage Buildings 1

Regent Arcade Building (left)
Built in 1927, it was formerly known as the Palace Theater – one of the three well known theaters in Iloilo in the 1920’s. Classical in character, it’s detailed facade of Corinthian capitals on fluted columns form the portico. The pediment is adorned with symmetrically arranged ornamentation of female figures, putti and floral flourishes.
Iloilo Central Trading Building (right)
The Iloilo Central Trading Building has a triangular pediment with an overlay of two smaller pediments. Completing the facadde is a stepped wall with large windows that bind together the first two levels of the structure and an arched window on the last floor. Adorning the spandrel below the arched window is a cartouche held by festoons on both sides. Symmetrical in character, both ends are flank by windows with highlighted by a balcony at the upper most window.
Text from Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council.