My Passion

Things may certainly come our way and change us for the better or worse as a person. But one thing that will always be in our hearts are our passions. For me, passion may be a craft, skill, talent, ability or anything that is innate within a person. These are gifts that we can constantly develop and improve or either repress in time.
On my 6th grade as a pupil at Doane, I diddn’t know what was my talent aside from being the leader of our class. Years before that, I have always been an ordinary student enjoying my time in school with friends. It all changed when my class adviser who was also the Anvil Publication adviser and english teacher, Ms. Maivi Ann Vega asked me to be one of the students who will represent our school for the Iloilo City (Division) Press Conference for students. The problem was, I didn’t know what contest to join. Most of the competition on the list were about news or feature writing and etc., but there was Photojournalism at the end of the list.
Without any doubt at all, I decided to join the photojourn contest since we had a point-and-shoot film camera at home that I can readily use. I snapped some shots needed for the contest using the 12-shot film that was provided, passed them for developing, made the layout and ended up on the 7th place and was lucky enough to be qualified in the Regional competition.
From then on, I’ve made up my mind to do my best in this competition so that I won’t go home with nothing. So that’s when I started to have mentoring on photography from one of the seminary students who was into photography. In the Regional, I won 2nd place and was qualified to the nationals.
It was then when my father bought me a Nikon SLR with an extra and longer lens to use for the competition. I went on with Photojournalism during my High School years at WVCST Laboratory School and was also regional champion during my 2nd year.
As time passed by, I also learned how to write, compete and do my best in other contests in journalism and leadership throughout my high school days.
Before entering college, I started blogging! It was also one thing that I liked after taking pictures, writing, being a leader, public speaking, graphic designing and travelling. 
Even when I took up Nursing at Central Philippine University, I still had all of these during my spare time and even so in my so extra time at all. These are things that I really love to do. Meeting more people like the Iloilo Bloggers and etc. is just the bonus. But I’ve really been grateful to them. I’ve learned so many things, tried to do other things and realized how can I make a difference and contribute in helping promote Iloilo and the country in my own little way.
Now that I’m done with my life as a student, I’ll have more time to do the things that make me happy. Though I have regrets for not being able to file for the board exam this December, I’m still positive that by June 2013, I can take and pass the Nurse Licensure Exam.
The reason why I am posting this is that tomorrow, another chapter in life passionate life begins. 
I’ve really been looking forward to have some things that I can use more to level up my craft in photography and travel & food blogging.
This is all for now. I’ll be heading to Robinson’s Place for the Diabetes expo.