Mr. and Ms. CPU Talents Night 2012

Presentation of candidates and contestants vying for the titles Mr. & Ms. CPU 2012 held at Rose Memorial Auditorium. 
Jathniel (Mr. CAS)
Demi Jainga and Jathniel John Jaboneta (Arts and Sciences)
Tintin Disomangcop & Mon Depasupil (Grad School)
Rojessa Anne Peregil and Yvander Dominique Bu (Nursing)
then Mr. and Ms. Education
Arts and Sciences, CHM and Medicine.
After being part of the 2 previous Mr. & Ms. CPU’s, I now had the opportunity of watching it in front of the stage while enjoying the play of lights and seeing the talent presentations of each contestant.
Most of the gentlemen actually gave satisfying, impressive and creative presentations. One of the most notable ones was of Mr. Engineering who sang and played the piano and guitar with a video at his back .
Among the ladies, only Mimi (CAS) and Ma. Ahriana (CHM) impressed me with their talents presentations, though the others were quite good too. 
Both of them danced their hearts out on the stage. Aside from her costume, Mimi used colorful props that added more grace on her performance. And there was a time when she had to pick one of the fans and her pois got tangled, she handled the situation very well and quickly as if it was nothing.
Ms. CHM’s superb ballet performance really awed the audience.
Ms. Medicine’s acting was also good.
For Ms. HS I don’t know why there were fountains on stage. My heart pounded hard when I thought it would reach the curtains of Rose Memorial (don’t you know that the original Rose Hall at the promenade now was burned?). I didn’t like it at all since its in the rules not to use pyrotechnics. 
Well, someone said it was screened and they would use “ice-based fireworks” so no further comment. And oh, her glamorous purple 10 “ok ok” gown and her beautiful face was somehow the only adoring thing that I can consider since her singing was a total flop (blame it to the smoke?).
Tin who used to dance the Hula now wowed us with her belly dancing. Mon sang some classical love songs. I’m also glad that Yvander was able to perform his martial art well despite his fever hours before.

Most of them sang and danced. For me, the boys had it. In the previous years, the ladies had the most laudable performances. 

In general, it was a great show. Kudos to the committee and the contestants for giving us your best.