Mr. and Ms. CPU 2012

Charmaine Grace Deatras is from the College of Business and Accountancy. On her 2nd year in college, she was crowned Ms. Central Philippine University together with Val Peter Billones from the same college. She later on joined prestigious pageant of Iloilo City last January and was crowned Ms. Iloilo Dinagyang 2012. Top beauty queens of the country judged the competition.
Mr. Graduate School Mon Ryan Depasupil is a Registered Nurse from the university and is currently taking his Masters in Nursing. Rojessa Anne Perigil is a senior student nurse of the university. In her first time to join a pageant at the Ms. Nursing pageant weeks before this competition, she was the crowd’s favorite. Everyone cheered as this pretty face graced the runway and later on was crowned Ms. Nursing that automatically led her to the Ms. CPU search. She vested the title among others when she never failed to be in the top 5 of the competition’s pre-pageant events and gave an impressing answer during the final interview.. 
(L-R)Mr. Medicine, Nursing, Arts and Sciences-U-DAY, Engineering-CPUR and Grad. School-CPU.
Ms. Nursing-CPU, Arts and Sciences-CPUR (Demi Jainga- also one of my favorites),
Hospitality and Management-U-Day, Business and Accountancy and Grad. School.
Mr. and Ms. CPU has been one of the most-awaited pageants within the city. Not only that it is prestigious, but for years that I have been watching it and was even part of the production staff for 2 years during my stay at the university, I have seen how ordinary students were transformed into their best, win or lose. That’s one major essence why pageants in academic institutions exist, they may not have swimwear portions but the contestants’ fit physique, statuesque walk, charming faces, the “make it or break it” question and answer portion during interviews and the fair judgement of the judges makes any pageant like Mr. and Ms. CPU worth watching. Not to mention what the candidates and contestants have personally learned during their training and rehearsals, the friendships that were formed and the spirit of sportsmanship that unites them even after the competition.
To the committee and everyone behind the production, kudos!