Media Excellence Awards

GLOBE TELECOM broke from tyranny, twice in its 84- year existence, and became a vanguard of freedom.

Globe Telecom’s origins can be traced back to 1928 after the US Congress passed Act No. 3495, allowing the Robert Dollar Company to franchise and operate a wireless long-distance message service in the then-U.S. colony, the Philippines.

After being renamed as Globe Wireless Limited, it continued its radio and telegraph service for over a decade until the outbreak of World War II. Rampaging colonial ambitions by the Japanese Empire saw an invasion of the country and an interruption of the company’s services.

Twenty years after the war, in 1965, the company was revived and renamed yet again into the Globe-Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation (GMCRC). It was unfortunate that another form of tyranny, this time from within, never gave the company enough room to grow. The imposition of Martial Law in 1972 ensured that GMCRC was among the first organizations closed down by the regime. Its doors remained shut for eight years until it was granted a tentative new franchise in 1980.

A short time after that, in 1986, the EDSA People Power took place. Since then, Globe has vowed to never again bow down to authoritarian government and to keep a lighted place at the forefront of all fights for freedom and for man’s basic rights.

The Freedom of the Press, we all know, was a basic right lost during the dark years that began on September 21, 1972, and won back in 1986. To honor and continue to defend the Freedom of the Press, Globe Telecom has joined the lively, active, and freedom-loving Cebu media in their celebration of Press Freedom Week every third week of September for several years now.

As one of the first private entities to support Cebu’s Press Freedom Week celebration, Globe realized that to defend, sustain, and broaden this basic democratic right through print, broadcast or social media. The important direction or common thread is the continued pursuit of media excellence.

Beyond the daily coverage of developing events, Globe wants to further encourage media excellence in civic, investigative and explanatory journalism that would delve into such social concerns as freedom from ignorance, freedom from poverty, and freedom from corruption.

Media excellence is crucial if our country should leap forward in terms of social and economic development within an atmosphere of freedom.

The Annual Media Excellence Awards aims to be of service in this direction. Globe Telecom wants to recognize Cebu Media who are breaking new grounds in news dissemination and the best in communication skills and creativity during the celebration of the Cebu Press Freedom Week.

Globe Telecom hopes the annual Media Excellence Awards will serve as the best opportunity and venue for Cebu journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and social media advocates to be recognized as among the best media practitioners in the Philippines.

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  • Reporter of the Year for Print
  • Investigative/ Explanatory Story of the Year
  • Columnist of the Year
  • Photo Journalist of the Year


  • Reporter of the Year for Radio
  • Reporter of the Year for Television
  • Investigative/ Explanatory Story of the Year (TV)


  • Blogger of the Year
  • Social Media Influencer of the Year