Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Iloilo Pre-opening Conference

The Iloilo Bloggers and some members of the local media were invited for Krispy Kreme’s Press Conference at Max’s Restaurant. Everyone has been anticipating for the opening of this famous doughnuts from America here in Iloilo. For several years, Ilonggos usually bring home boxes of these sweet goodies from Manila or Cebu to share with the whole family. A lot of people have been excited since news of their opening first spread out. Now that they have invited us for the announcement, there’s no definitely turning back. The date has been announced and guess what, it will be on the 30th of November this year! It’s their 59th branch here in the Philippines. According to their spokespersons, it will be a milestone for their company since it’s also the 8th year of Krispy Kreme here in the Philippines. After 1 week, their 60th branch will be opening up in Bacolod City.
There’s surely more reasons to love Iloilo City since we’ve been having international cafes and convenient stores opening up. It simply means that the economy is doing well. With all the infrastructures from the government and private investments coming in, Iloilo indeed is on its way for greater heights.
“This is the right time for Krispy Kreme in Iloilo!” according to their spokesperson when asked why there were some delays in their opening. She denied that the company made premature announcements. But of course, we know that there have been news spreading that it was because they couldn’t find a place for their commissary that made SM change its posted month of opening at the store’s location in the lobby of the mall’s main entrance.
But of course, its a thing of the past already and I guess after the first opening of their store here, we can already look forward to their 2nd branch already. Its really not impossible.