JMAS Cove at Tiolas, San Joaquin

 We spent our Sunday with family and church mates at JMAS Cove in Tiolas, San Joaquin, Iloilo.
Though its not really a typical resort where tourists will flock, the place can be an ideal for relaxation or bonding with a couple of people. It is actually owned by a baptist pastor so smoking, gambling and hard drinks are prohibited. According to the manager, most of their visitors are church-based groups.
 The resort also has rooms for overnight stay, some of the most affordable ones costs around P75.00 per head (fan room). 
 Some of the beaches that I’ve been to in San Joaquin mostly have huge rock formations. Though its also sandy, the rocks on the shoreline made it quite difficult for me to enjoy my swim. There were also aquatic plants on huge rocks under the water. 
 If you guys want to check out this place, feel free to PM them via their fan page.