Iznart-J.M. Basa sts. at night

The Arroyo fountain:
Dr. Ledesma’s Ancestral house:
The newly-restored Villanueva building (old international Washington Hotel):
The Villanueva Building poses variations in the treatment of the exterior. Portraying characteristics of the neoclassical style, its series of semi-circular rusticated arches terminating its cusps compose the ground level. Similarly, this cusped arches are repeated on the second level with the addition of a series of doric columns supporting the entablature. Running the length of the cornice is a parallel arrangement of dentil bands and guilloche mouldings. http://www.icchcc.com
Elizalde building:
“The Elizalde Building structure is designed as a typical Bahay na Bato from it’s massive solid red brick ground floor to wood panels on the 2nd floor. Sliding ( Capiz Shell ) windows framed by double arches dominate the upper level. Atop these windows are transoms made of pierced lacelike wood panels. Wrought iron ventanillas in floral design support the window to increase ventilation. Pierced wooden foliated brackets support the eaves and second floor projections. Lace-like design piercings along the eaves form additional ventilation.” http://www.icchcc.com
Regent Arcade:
The Regent Arcade was built in 1927. It was formerly known as the Palace Theater, one of the three well known theaters in Iloilo in the 1920’s. Classical in character, it’s detailed facade of Corinthian capitals on fluted columns form the portico. The pediment is adorned with symmetrically arranged ornamentation of female figures, putti and floral flourishes. http://www.icchcc.com