Injap Tower Hotel’s Blog The City of Love Day 1 Part 2

After getting to know each other and touring the heritage destinations of Iloilo City, we headed back to Injap Tower Hotel for some rest and to prepare for dinner. But before we went to our respective rooms, some of us went up to the helipad with some of the hotel’s management staff.

Marcos of
Diversion Road, Mandurriao

After enjoying the scenic, windy and the highest point of the tower, I finally got to see my room and I instantly liked it. The beds were really inviting but I only had to pick one so I decided to sleep in the bigger one of course. I immediately placed all my things from my bag and kit on the other bed. The tour was really tiring that day and I just love how the aircon quickly cooled the room. After taking a quick shower, I was really relaxed. Almost everything there were brand new and it was impressively clean.

Our dinner was set nowhere else but on the tower’s restaurant located on the 21st floor- Horizon Cafe. Here in Iloilo City, visitors often observe that they cant just hear or feel the word welcome for once. That’s why on our welcome dinner, the management discussed how Injap Hotel Tower was conceptualized, established and have changed the landscape of the city. It’s the pioneer high-rise building that proved many speculations wrong. We got to know not only the hotel better but as well as Double Dragon Inc. Injap Tower hotel is managed by Hotel 101 and they are currently expanding around the country.

Prof. Bobby Rodriguez of also discussed about the history, culture and the people of Iloilo. He definitely knows what he’s saying and the blog post that he discussed in fact became viral at some point. Horizon Cafe offers the best view of Iloilo City from the City Proper to the highlands of the province.

One of the restaurants bestseller is the Hainanese Chicken- one of Singapore’s favorite dishes.

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