#IamIloilo Movement

New Version:

“I am Iloilo” is a statement that embodies what Iloilo is all about — its rich history and culture, heritage houses and mansions, majestic river, colorful festivals, warm people, sumptuous cuisine, grand churches, breathtaking countryside… the list could go on. It is a passionate declaration that there is nothing else like Iloilo. It is claiming ownership of the place and personifying it in one’s being.
“I am Iloilo” is a social media movement that hopes to stir the consciousness and instill in every Ilonggo the love for their city. It aims to generate the Ilonggos’ sense of pride and ownership of their place. It seeks to awaken the Ilonggos’ conviction that this city is the best because they were born and raised here – there is no place like home. They have seen its transformation from a sleepy metropolis to a booming and dynamic city. And they are proud of it.
“I am Iloilo” connects all Ilonggos who are proud of their history, heritage and culture, and ultimately what their city has become through the years, today and the future it will bring. Social media connects them, knowing the power technology has these days. The movement expects that this sense of pride snowballs in the social media and beyond and reaches a wider number of Ilonggos, especially the youth who will be the future of Iloilo.
Indeed, this sense of pride and appreciation of what Iloilo City has been and is now should start from each Ilonggo. 
“I am Iloilo” radiates positivity and excitement for Ilonggos about all the grand things the city is heading to.