Guimaras Trade and Information Center

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Located at the Capitol Grounds of the Province of Guimaras in San Miguel, Jordan, this one-stop Pasalubong center showcases the best products from this island paradise. 
Various entrepreneurs from the island with the support of their local government have joined-hands in promoting not only the tourist spots of the province but also their products that generate the livelihood of many Guimarasnons.
BLOCK SALT/Salt of the Earth or the “Tultul” is gently patted onto warm steamy rice to give the grain a delicately salty flavor. Others call it dokdok or duldul. 

My Favorite! An exciting twist to the well-known Piyaya Delicacy- MANGO flavor! 
Mango keychains. The island has been known to produce the sweetest mangoes in the world.
Its being served at the White House and the Buckingham Palace.
This fruit has become an icon for the island.
Cashew Nut keychain.