Fisheyeing My Iloilo

This past few weeks have been awesome for me since I was able to try out taking photos of different sorts of things most especially places here in Iloilo using the mobile fisheye lens that I borrowed from my sister.
I too ordered a set from her sister because I find too useful when taking selfie shots not only for myself but also for a group of people.
I brought it during our food tasting for Don Rite’s Sausages, meeting at the Iloilo River Esplanade, Book Latte cafe and even to our office in the City Hall. I took some shots also at Calle Real along the way. Even while riding at the jeepney, it didn’t really feel awkward at all. Aside from the fisheye lens, the kit also includes a macro and a wide lens. I always prefer to use the fisheye though. It tends to include a wider view of the place I’m shooting and it’s really interesting at all.
It’s not really hard to use! I just clip it to my phone’s camera, adjust a little bit to the center of the lens and its ready to use! The clip has a rubber surface that won’t scratch your phone. I just love it!

More photos soon!