Festive Walk Parade at Iloilo Business Park

Just before my birthday, I was on a official business trip to Iloilo with Cebu based bloggers Gian and Sheila of adrenalineromance.com. We went on a roadtrip whenever they would comback from their out of town trips. Where else but of course at Iloilo Business Park.

Book Latte Cafe
Festive Walk Parade, Iloilo Business Park
Open 24 Hours

Ms. Tina and Chef Red welcomed us with a treat to try their upcoming dishes

Nilaga with Kimchi! Interesting and brilliant pairing. A must try!

Chicken Papisik.

Beed n’ Mashed Potato

Beef n’ Fries

Alcoholic coffee

Breakfast Buffet
Richmond Hotel

Crispy Bacon

Potato Wedges and French Toast

So many choices everyday!

Balingon (up) and Sweet Ham (below)

I just love Maja Blanca one of my favorite comfort food of all time! Truly I am home.