Faces in Bacolod

To appreciate the Negrenses’ passion for art, I’ve captured some faces around Bacolod City today.
They may not be alive, but their expressions and appearance definitely mean a lot. First stop was at the lagoon at the Capitol grounds of Negros Occidental. 
(1) ELEGANCE and sophistication. Femininity. I just wish that her hand will be restored soon.
(2) HARD WORK and sacrifice. One of man’s ultimate purpose in life is to work for his family. The carabao of course, helps a lot in making any work less harder. No wonder it’s still the best pal of every farmer. Negros Occidental has always been an important agricultural province. For decades, hard labor has always been a part of man’s daily life. Just so much less for the sugar barons.
(3) The BABAYLAN by R. Aguilar at the Negros Museum. 
“The babaylan in Filipino indigenous tradition is a person who is gifted to heal the spirit and the body; a woman who serves the community through her role as a folk therapist, wisdom-keeper and philosopher; a woman who provides stability to the community’s social structure; a woman who can access the spirit realm and other states of consciousness and traffic easily in and out of these worlds; a woman who has vast knowledge of healing therapies”. —Leny Strobel
(4) The Sugarcane. Children made from mixed media at the Negros Museum Shop.

(5) Her face… a timeless beauty that will never fade. But just look deep into her eyes. I see sorrow
(6 & 7) The Nativity scene at the Central City Walk,  Robinson’s Place Bacolod.
And my most favorite of all. (8) Her Face really caught my attention. Most especially the artwork in her face. Maybe, it could’ve meant something like status in the society or some kind of adornment for attraction.
The last photo is part of “Palapit: Sugilanon sang Pamatan-on” exhibit by Binhi Creative Arts and Crafts Workshop Inc. at the 2nd floor of the Negros Museum.

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