Exploring the sights and flavors of Guimaras

For the past two years, the wind turbines (not windmills) built in San Lorenzo, Guimaras have become an attraction. No need to travel to Ilocos Region just to see and get upclose these tall and greater than life man-made structures that are truly a good source of clean energy. The Province of Guimaras has been a known destination for beautiful beaches and no-doubt the sweetest mangoes in the world, with this added attraction, surely more tourists will captivated to visit the island most especially during summer time when they are having the Manggahan Festival all over the 5 Municipalities namely: Sibunag, San Lorenzo, Nueva Valencia, Buenavista and Jordan.

As first time-visitors to this lookout, we were too excited to have our shots taken with the turbines not minding the hot sun (we applied sunblock earlier) so instead of just passing by, we asked our tour jeep to stop for a minutes.


If you’re planning to go on a roadtrip from Iloilo City, take the RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) vessels docked at Lapuz district. There are sevewral trips back and forth the island everyday. Upon arriving in Jordan, you may use your GPS on your mobile phones or tablets to lead you to the Municipality of San Lorenzo. The Munisipyo (or Town Hall) itself is a perfect place to see the turbines.


The folks at Brgy. Constancia were busy picking the mangoes and sorting them into groups when we arrived. I thought that we’ll just observe how they are harvesting the fruit that’s the main product of the province but we were able to buy some as low as P20.00 per kilo. Though they were smaller than the regular ones when they were ready to be eaten, they were also sweet. The larger ones were sold at around P40-P50 each. The ones sold in the market that are ready to be eaten costs from P70-90 per kilo.

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Next stop: DA/BPI-Guimaras National Crop Research, Development & Production Support Center

Lunch at @Raymen’s Beach Resort

ISLAND HOPPING TOUR: Igang Marine Station- SEAFDEC Philippines

One of the jump-off points for island-hopping tours starts at Alubijod Beach in Nueva Valencia. Though I’ve tried this for several times going around the Ave Maria island, turtle sanctuary, the cave, SEAFDEC and other places. I can’t let this one pass by since our group has been having a lot of fun and there’s surely a lot more memories to make.



After a long day of touring some parts of the island, we headed to Magic Island Resort for our overnight stay. We had to walk a little bit to reach the flat boats because it was low tide. So I guess the best time to go the resort when you’re checking in (and out) is during high tide. While slowly cruising towards the resort they explained why the resort was named Magic. During low tide, they said its possible to walk across the nearby islands.

After a couple of minutes later, we reached the resort and we saw guests from the other resort nearby walking towards our resort. They also went back after reaching our spot.



Special Thanks to the Province of Guimaras and TMX Marketing Corporation for sponsoring this media and bloggers’ FAM tour! See the complete schedule of the Manggahan Festival 2016 Here.