Calle Real Pedestrianization

After two public hearings with the transportation section, the Calle Real Pedestrianization project headed by Councilor Jason Gonzales was finally implemented last December 14, 2013. It started every Saturday from 5:00PM until Sunday midnight. Almost every weekend night since it started, performances by different artists were showcased in this center of J.M. Basa st.- the iconic Villanueva building or the Old International Hotel. 
Though there have been complaints since the very beginning the project was proposed, it was implemented smoothly with the help of the different departments of the City Government. 
This January 12 though, it was announced that the pedestrianization period will only cover Sundays from 6:00AM-9:00PM. In the next upcoming Sundays except on Jan. 26 (Dinagyang Festival), we will be entertained by different performances from the Department of Tourism Region VI and the Paraw Regatta Foundation.
One of the main reason for this project is for the walking Ilonggos and their visitors to see and appreciate the decades-old heritage buildings that are well situated in this city’s Old business district. Since most of them have been rehabilitated in the past years, everyone passing by at the area are surely in awe of this treasures that we have.