Belmont Hotel Manila

Upon Arrival

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Top notch accommodation at Belmont Hotel Manila

Just within the first integrated entertainment and tourism complex Resorts World Manila in Newport City stands Belmont Hotel Manila, the newest hotel component of the township. It’s a great choice of destination for a “bleisure” trip for many guests most especially the business travelers. Everyone at the lobby were very helpful and friendly.

Belmont Hotel Manila

Belmont Hotel Manila

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Main Lobby

Main Lobby

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Hotel tour

The hotel is equipped with an all-day dining-restaurant, spa, fitness center, rooftop pool with a bar and some meeting rooms. Guests who want to experience an ultimate relaxation may try their specially-scented Tranquility rooms.

I had the luxury of staying overnight at one of the hotel’s corner deluxe rooms. It offers a relaxing stay with a superb view of the airport and the Terminal 3. Yes, it’s near the airport! Though I saw planes take-off and land, the room was perfectly quiet making my stay more peasant. The space was spacious enough for me. The desk was perfectly located with the ref and coffeemaker on top of the desk on the right side and the flat TV mounted on the wall on the other side.

What impressed me also was there were power outlets on both sides of the bed and just below the desk. No need to move other things and reach out below just to charge our gadgets that we usually use a lot when travelling. I was able to finish some pending tasks before relaxing thanks to the fast internet connection.

All the necessary things you’ll need in a hotel room were in place too. The shower was great! You can slide the cover up for a view of the room or if you’re watching something or listening to while taking a shower. Maybe another roll-up cover can be added on the other side to prevent the whole bathroom floor from getting wet. But if you’ll just use the shower head holder it’ll just be fine.

The toiletries provided were the hotel’s signature collection. I have nothing much to say about the room, the food, the staff and the whole stay at the hotel, it’s all fantastic. I have only once important concern, I think they have given more space behind the door when you come-in rather than the toilet seat on the other side of the wall. For someone who’s big as me or some person with disabilities, it would be more comfortable to “sit on the throne” if there were more space and maybe there was a bidet. Thank _od, the bathrooms in the pool area above were very spacious and clean (even at early morning). But who knows, if I decide to come back soon, I’ll just request for a PWD room if they would allow me. Hehe.

The view from my room

What I always look forward to whenever I’m staying in a hotel is the view outside. The day before, it was already dark when I was able to check into my room because we had dinner first. So when I enjoyed a couple of minutes staring at planes taking-off from the runway, the view this time showed more. This has got to be the elevated NAIA Skyway Exit ramp being built from the Terminal 3 to Resorts World Manila (Andres Ave).

Breakfast Buffet

With their entire spread of buffet for breakfast, I just could wish to have the luxury of time without getting full to try all of their indulgent offerings. It was indeed a long night and my schedule in Manila have always been close to hectic so to be able to stay and have breakfast at Belmont is truly a luxury!

Disclosure: My dinner with guests and overnight stay at Belmont Hotel Manila was sponsored by the hotel specifically for review and promotion. Any opinion given from this post is solely from the blogger alone. Special thanks to the management and staff for the warm and unforgettable accommodation and to the office of the Strategic Marketing and Communications of Megaworld Corp.

Come and stay at Belmont Hotel Manila and explore Resorts World Manila in Newport City.

Megaworld Corporation is developing several townships around the country that caters as urban centers to the growing needs of the sophisticated lifestyle of the Filipinos where they can Live, Work and Play.