Bandi, butong-butong and suman making in Laua-an

When visiting Antique, we usually buy packed bandis or peanut brittle. But for this tour we personally experienced making bandi, buting-butong and suman in the Muscovado sugar capital of the province- the Municipality of Laua-an.
Bandi with Muscovado sugar
Bandi with brown sugar. This was my favorite since it was really crunchy.
These goods are usually made round in various sizes from small, medium and large as a plate.
The locals of Laua-an also demonstrated the process of making butong-butong another sweet delicacy found all over Antique and even in some market and groceries in Iloilo City like the bandi. Before it hardened, it was hot and elastic. After cooling down for a few minutes in a banana stalk, it is stretched and made into the design that the person desires or if not, their usual styles that can be seen in pasalubong shops. 
Though this is commonly prepared during All Souls Day (November) or in any occasion, this is probably one of the tastiest suman that I’ve tried.