Ang Batang Liders invade Alubihod Beach in Guimaras

Last May 21, the Ang Batang Liders or The Outstanding Student Leaders of Iloilo City Alumni Association (TOSLICAA) which I’m part of, decided to spend a summerbreak together with our fellow awardees from different years. The weather was fair when we were still on our way to the paradise resort Raymen’s at Sitio Alubihod in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.
We had numerous activities for all the participants and we certainly had fun with each other. Most of our attendees were from batches 2010 and 2012. Every year the City Government of Iloilo and the HALIGI foundation recognizes student leaders from different institutions around the city from Private, Public schools and State Universities and Colleges category. I belong to batch 2008 from WVCST Laboratory School.
The rain didn’t really last long so we had much time swimming in the afternoon. We had more bonding time in the evening most especially during meals. Most of them stayed up late and I just slept at around 10 to catch the morning sun and enjoy the pristine waters of the beach alone. When the resort gates were opened at 5 in the morning, I was up and ready to swim in the calm and warm-ish water of the beach paradise until the sun was finally up.