Alobijod Cove Resort

 It was my first time to visit the newly-renovated Alobijod Cove Resort last week… well, at least for this year. Haha! I just recalled visiting it last year thought we just made a quick glance before going to Igang beach nearby. But why would I go somewhere else when this resort’s cottages, rooms and other amenities are all new! Very interesting and more pleasant than ever.
 Alubijod Beach- one of Guimaras Province’s treasured paradise.
Upon arrival, we got to meet the management and some of their staff. They prepared these fruit slices that were just bought from the market in San Miguel in Jordan. Guimaras Mangoes: truly one of the sweetest.                        
My officemate Dyan and one of our heads, City Tourism Operations Officer I Maam Junel Ann Divinagra     .We also had some star apples! Yum yum!

 Avocado shake
 My room.. good for 2-4 at 2,000+
 The only resort in Alobijod with a Jet ski (3,000/hour) and a banana boat.
 Thanks Sir Don and Mam Junel Ann for having us. We surely had a good time there. Can’t wait to come back.
For inquiries and reservations, just contact 0922-8626-972 or 0907-8103-423. Alobijod Cove Resort is located at Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. Here’s the list of their room rates: