Seklusyon’s R-16 Director’s cut


I had the opportunity to watch the Director’s cut of Seklusyon and hear some of the cast, writer Anton Santamaria and Director Erik Matti respond to the Q&A with the audience  last Saturday at SM Megamall. I was able to watch the film when it was shown during the Manila Fest Festival here in Makati and seeing some parts of the movie that were cut to suit the general audience was really hair-raising and somehow stunning. I believe it’s one of the most successful films shown in this year’s film fest not only for winning numerous awards but for giving the Filipinos the kind of film that they wanted to see and not just being decided by some producers.  One of the messages that the film conveys to its audience is to be weary of wolves (false prophets) in sheep’s clothing or simply being careful from bad elements trying to pretend and persuade you from doing or choosing what is right. Indeed the Filipino audience has become more mature in choosing films that will really awaken their thoughts and insights and are truly a work of art. Direk Matti even revealed that 2 more upcoming films are will be released soon as part of the movie’s sequel. If you missed the film last MMFF, now is your chance to see the R-16 Director’s cut.






Part 1:

Part 2:
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The award-winning Director, writer and cast of Seklusyon facing the audience during the Q&A after the Director’s cut screening last Saturday at SM Megamall. Can you spot where I’m seated? Hehe.

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